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Ideas and vision of an enlightened world

The site explains the ideas of an enlightened world which is based on the higher nature of the mind, that can inspire human beings to seek values in loving, caring and being compassionate to the suffering world. The ideas aspire to bring forward the evolution of man to a higher stage where most human beings may realize the greater potential of life as the bearer of a "cosmic mind".

The vision is directed to the evolution of human society illumined by the cosmic power residing within man, which may inspire human beings to discover territories of existence outside the sphere of the instincts. In an enlightened world one will be able to discern the beauty of life in elevating oneself as creative, contemplative and spiritual being, who knows the power of science and reason, that can unveil one`s relations with the micro- and the macro-cosmos around, as well as keep one connected to the inner realm from where arts, poetry, music and spirirual cravings for higher sphere may arise.

The ideas of enlightenement foresee the development of a social-political order, called Enlightened Democracy which will be guided by the purpose of bringing forth higher evolution of the human society, freed from the animal instincts and the servitude to natural forces and manipulative claws of the power elites.

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